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Nashville’s remodeling firm: Broderick Builders

nashville kitchen remodeling by Broderick BuildersChoosing the right remodeling contractor is the first and most important decision to be made in the remodeling process. Does the firm have enough experience? Is the remodeling contractor bonded and insured? Can we get along together for an extended length of time? How does the billing process work? These are relevant questions to explore.

When you decide to remodel your home, you are making a large commitment of your time and finances. You need to know that both your money and time will be handled in a professional manner: that all expenses are properly recorded and accounted for, and that the project runs on schedule. More importantly however, you want the assurance that the remodeling company you have hired and its employees are people that you can trust.

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Remodeling differs from new construction in many ways, the biggest being that most of the time the homeowners are occupying the residence while the project is taking place. Workers must be aware of homeowners’ needs for cleanliness and privacy. In remodeling there are also hidden obstacles that are not revealed until the demolition of walls, roof, and floors is underway. With these factors in mind, remodeling can be tricky. We are remodeling specialists; remodeling is our primary business. Our supervisors are trained to deal with these situations and solve problems before they grow into larger disasters.

nashville bath remodelingBroderick Builders Inc. has been renovating homes for almost 40 years. We were able to grow and establish ourselves as one of the top residential remodeling firms in Nashville by providing professional service with the trust our clients expect and deserve. With over 1,000 homes remodeled in Nashville and the surrounding area, we have the experience and expertise that can turn your current residence into the dream home you have always wanted.