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Pre-construction: Remodeling project phase 1

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Project evaluation

Our initial consultation is free of charge. We will meet with you at your home and discuss your ideas. Some of the things we can begin to tackle are the size of the project, what areas of your home will be affected, and the practicality of the work. We may offer you options based on experience that may work best for you and your home.


Most projects are drawn in-house by John Broderick. This saves you considerable money that you may spend on architectural plans. However, we will coordinate with your architect or engineer if you have already hired one.

Estimate and timeline

You will be provided with a flexible budget and an estimate of the time required to finish the job. The length of a job may vary and can change midstream due to changes made by the owner, unforeseen obstacles, special materials orders, and adverse weather. Allowances are given for items where there is a large range of product choices with equally ranging prices. Plumbing fixtures, lighting, appliances, and tile are a few examples.